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Primary care for KIDS


Services for KIDS

We hope to be a partner you can trust and a tool you can use to promote healthy behaviors and build a foundation of wellness, both physically and spiritually for your children!

We offer many services for our pediatric patients: 

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Well child checks

Sports physicals

Committed to promoting chastity

Routine Vaccines

Same-day sick


Common pediatric procedures

Newborn exams

Chronic disease management

Virtual/Telehealth Visits

Well-child checks/EPSDT

Well child checks are the foundation for preventive healthcare and health maintenance for your children. 

Our well child checks monitor your children across 5 domains: growth, development, vaccinations, sensory screenings, and the medical physical exam. 

Growth: Weight, height/length, head circumference

Development: we use the clinically-validated 'Ages and Stages' questioners that screen for delays in gross motor, fine motor, communication, problem solving, and personal-social.
Additionally, we employ additional screening tools at specific times to evaluate risk for lead toxicity, anemia, cholesterol and TB.

Vaccinations: we will compare your child's vaccination record to the AZ State vaccine registry to ensure your child is getting all of the appropriate vaccines at the right time. We also participate in the "VFC" vaccine for children program which allows us to provide free vaccinations to children who are uninsured, underinsured, or on AHCCCS. 

Sensory Screenings: we will screen your children for hearing and vision problems as indicated, and if you ever have any concerns. We have otoacoustic emissions screening devices for infants and young children, and audiometry pure tone machine for older children. We also use digital photo screening for early detection of visual impairments starting at age 1. 

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